Wild flowers for garden, meadow, woodland, wetland and ponds.

British wild plants for cottage garden borders, UK native trees and shrubs

 Wetland and Pond Woodland and Shade Plug plants Meadow-but Cottage Garden

At PlantWild we grow local British wild flowers, trees and shrubs. We also harvest a premium grass and flower meadow seed mix from traditional wildflower meadows. 

We can help you if you want to encourage more wildlife into your own garden, or onto your farm. We supply wildflower plants and plug plants for landscaping and wildlife areas for gardens, schools and community groups and for conservation and restoration work. Competitive prices offered for large orders and garden designers.  All our plants are grown in peat-free compost. All plants are guaranteed UK native origin and many plants are local provenance (Herefordshire and neighbouring counties) please enquire for details.

Bring more wildlife into your world

Vast areas of the UK’s natural habitats have been destroyed since the 1930’s: 98% of wild flower meadows, 75% of open heaths, 96% of open peat bogs and 190,000 miles of hedgerow have been lost. Loss of habitat is a threat to all of our wildlife. Bees, butterflies, birds and mammals are all part of the intricate web which depends ultimately on our native plants. Make a difference! Plant natives, plant wild!

Lindsay and Steven Lister


A spring Snowdrop drift looking stunning.