Buckthorn and Brimstone Butterflies

Alder Buckhorn is a large, thornless, shrub with glossy green leaves that turn yellow, with red berries in the Autumn. It prefers damp, peaty sites and was prized for making the best gunpowder! Purging or Common buckthorn is thornless. The berries are a strong laxative and a yellow dye can be made from the black fruits… Read more »

How to choose and use plug plants

How to use plug plants   Plug plants are small plants which are ready to plant out. PlantWild plugs are larger than most with a root ball of approx. 50mmx25mmx25mm and they will start to flower in the first spring or summer after planting. We recommend 2 to 10 plug plants per m2 depending on the… Read more »

The top 10 wild flowers to plant for butterflies

Butterfly numbers have been severely hit in recent years due to loss of habitat and some very wet summers. Planting wildflowers is a way of helping them and also gives you the pleasure of seeing more butterflies in your garden. We all know that nectar plants are important and there are many garden flowers and… Read more »

Turning Pasture into Woodland

Keith’s story of the changes he is making to a patch of new woodland in Herefordshire. Seven years ago we acquired an acre of land adjoining our garden in rural Herefordshire. The land, on Old Red Sandstone clays, used to be pasture, then trees (mainly ash, with oak, cherry and field maple) were planted ten… Read more »