wildflower meadow seed mix

We didn’t collect as much meadow seed as we would have liked in summer 2017, due to the rain and a shortage of suitable sites. So our 2017 seed mix has already sold out.

Our wildflower meadow seed mix is a wild harvested premium mix.
We harvest from several sites across the Welsh Marches area.

In the UK 98% of wildflower meadows have been lost since 1930. Sowing a new meadow or restoring existing grassland will provide habitat for more wildlife and particularly benefit bees and butterflies. Transform a patch of the garden lawn or sow an entire meadow, enhance an existing grassland or create flowering field margins and beetle banks.

Sow these mixes into bare soil at a rate of 4g/m2 or 40kg/Ha (16kg/acre). This rate is reduced to 1- 2g/m2  i.e. 10- 20kg/Ha (4-8kg/acre) for enhancing existing grassland. Please see How to Create a Wildflower Meadow  for information on sowing and maintenance. 2016 seed should be sown by February 2018.









Our 2017 seed is sold out but below is a typical species mix from our region.

Welsh Border Mix (2016) includes fine meadow grasses and flowers (% approx 70:30)
Species present: Yellow rattle, Ox-eye daisy, Common knapweed, Red clover, Meadow buttercup, Birdsfoot trefoil, Agrimony, Field scabious, Ribwort plantain, White clover, Common catsear, Selfheal, Eyebright, Common mouse-ear, Common Spotted Orchid, Lesser stitchwort, Hop trefoil, Cowslip, Sweet vernal grass, Crested dogstail , Yorkshire fog, Meadow foxtail, Perennial ryegrass, Common bent, Field woodrush, Sharp rush, Soft rush and possibly other grass and flower species.


Guaranteed UK native seed only, harvested according to DEFRA, the Welsh Government and Flora Locale protocols. The variety and proportions of seed will depend upon the meadow of origin and cannot be specified as this is a direct-harvested product.


   150g        covers 35m2 @4g/m2   

  Welsh Border Mix (2016)                    £7.00           Sorry sold out


1kg       covers 250m2 @4g/m2  

 Welsh Border mix (2016)                      £37.00        Sorry sold out


5kg       covers 1250m2 @4g/m2

Welsh Border mix (2016)                      £150.00     Sorry sold out


£8.50 on orders up to £37
£10.50 on orders £37 to £90  
  FREE on orders over £90                                or collect FREE from the nursery