Menyanthes trifoliata
Shallow water, floating, water's edge
Height : 20cm
Flowering period : April – June

Price for : 1Litre (or bare-root) = £4.95 : BUY

Bogbean has white fringed flowers which are star like and emerge on long spikes. It is found in marshes, bog, wetlands and shallow ponds. It is a perfect breeding ground for dragonflys and damselflys when planted on the pond edge, where they lay their eggs ready for the nymphs to climb out of the water. It is good in sun or shade but will flower better in sun.
Other features:
The leaves resemble the shape of a broad bean.The seed pods are also attractive, being green and glossy.
Wildlife attracted:
Great for pond wildlife as the leaves and stems are sturdy to support pond wildlife



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