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Corn cockle


Corn cockle is a tall beautiful annual, almost lost from the wild due to arable farming techniques. The flowers are a vivid pink which look amazing when planted with Corn flowers and Corn marigolds. It prefers full sun on well drained soil. Let it self seed each year, then dig over the soil in the autumn – use this method for all the cornfield annuals to keep them going year after year.

Agrostemma githago
Height : 1m
Flowering period : June – August
This is a good source of nectar :


Other features:
One point to note is that if used in a meadow field, it can be toxic to grazing animals , so is best not to allow grazing animals on a meadow field within 2 years of Corn cockle being present.

Wildlife attracted:
Pollinators are attracted to the bright pink blooms alongside the Cornflower.

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9cm pots, 1lt pot