Lily of the valley

lily of the valley
Convallaria majalis
Shade or part shade
Height : 15cm
Flowering period : May - June

This is good for butterfly caterpillar food :

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Lily of the valley has sweet scented, pure-white bell like flowers. It prefers dappled shade and will survive in full shade, although flowering will be reduced. However, it is ideal in a woodland setting, and will grow in any soil. The pretty flowers appear in early Summer, followed by the fruit as small orange-red berries. It will create good ground cover as it spreads gradually by rhizomes. However all parts of the plant are poisonous if ingested.
Other features:
The second part of the Latin name, refers to the fact that it flowers in May ( although usually later in the UK ) It is the birth flower of the month of May and in Cornwall is worn on Flora day. The flowers are a popular choice for Spring wedding bouquets.
Wildlife attracted:
Lily of the valley is used as a food plant by the larvae of some moth and butterfly species including the grey chi. Also a great food source for leaf beetles.

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