Wild angelica


Wild Angelica in our experience is a biennial, although it is often stated as being a perennial. It is a statuesque and robust plant for the back of the shady border providing its not too dry; or ideal at a damp woodland edge. The flowers are pretty umbels of white tinged with pink. In the Autumn there are paper like fruits which are very light for wind dispersal.

Angelica sylvestris
Sun or part shade
Height : 1.5m
Flowering period : July – September
This is a good source of nectar : 


Other features:
The stems of Wild angelica combine well with rhubarb in desserts, jams and sauces. Furthermore, the leaves are aromatic and have a mild liquorice flavour which goes well in salads.

Wildlife attracted:
The flowers  have a fragrance and are therefore attractive to a wide range of insects.


Additional information


9cm pot, 2lt tall pot