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Winter aconite


Winter aconite is one of our earliest flowering plants which is easy to grow. It looks great planted together with snowdrops  under deciduous trees or glades where there is some partial shade, although  it will also be fine in full sun. The golden – yellow flowers bring a welcome warmth to the garden early in the year, and over time will form colourful clumps.  The Aconite will do well in most garden soils, providing the area is not too dry. After flowering it is recommended to let the leaves die down naturally until April – May. This will ensure flowers appear the following year.

Eranthis hyemalis
Sun or part shade
Height : 10cm
Flowering period : January – March
This is a good source of nectar : 

Our Winter aconite pots have at least 3 corms per pot.


Wildlife attracted:
Winter aconite flowers provide a winter source of nectar for bees, which always need food whenever they are active.
Other features:
The Winter aconite will self seed to spread slowly. Keep a close eye on the little green seed pods among the dying foliage. Once the seed turns black, the seeds are ready to spread. Try using the strimmer if space allows as it will scatter the seed across the garden!


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9cm pot