Spring bulbs to pre-order

New for 2018, we are taking pre orders for our range of native bulbs. Here you can order your Spring bulbs ready planted in 9cm or 1  litre pots for delivery in Spring 2019. The pots will be sent once the first stages of Spring growth are seen or when the bulbs are well enough established, and you will be notified once the pots are ready for delivery.
If you are ordering other plants from our main categories, please place a separate order for bulbs. We appreciate this means you may be placing 2 orders, however you will then receive your plants within 7 days of placing your order and your bulbs will be dispatched in Spring.

Bluebell (Hyacynthoides non-scriptus):

This is the true native bluebell which looks so amazing in our ancient woodlands in May. The flowers are narrow and bell shaped, with creamy pollen. The stems droop over at the top and look lovely moving in a gentle breeze.

Perennial: Shade or part-shade
Blue Flowers: April – June
Height : 30cm

9cm pot £2.90 Buy as a pre order

Grape hyacinth (Muscari neglectum):

The flowers of this Grape hyacinth are dark blue, becoming darker and more black as they age. Therefore they are darker and more striking than the Garden grape hyacinth which is more commonly seen.

Perennial: Sun or Part shade
Dark blue Flowers: April
Height: 30cm

Grape hyacinth
9cm pot £2.90 Buy as a pre order

Lesser celandine (Ranunculus ficaria):

The small bright yellow star-like flowers of Lesser celandine are a lovely addition to a woodland or hedgerow in Spring. Flowering in March – April this little wildflower adds an early burst of colour to any garden.

Perennial: Sun or Part shade
Yellow Flowers: March – April
Height: 25cm

9cm pot £2.90 Buy as a pre order

Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis):

The Lily of the valley has sweet scented, pure-white bell like flowers. It is happy in part shade or sun, so ideal in a woodland setting , where the pretty flowers appear in early Summer.  Following the flowers, the fruit is a small orange-red berry. It will create good ground cover as it spreads gradually by rhizomes.

Perennial: Shade or part shade
White Flowers: May – June
Height : 15cm

1 litre pot £4.90 Buy as a pre order

Lords and ladies (Arum maculatum):

 Also called Cuckoo pint, this is an ideal and striking plant for a woodland garden or shady area. In late summer there are bright spikes of orange-red berries, to add to its attraction. ( Please note that all parts of the plant are poisonous)

Perennial: Shade
Flowers: April – May
Height: 45cm

9cm pot £3.90 Buy as a pre order

Snakeshead fritillary (Fritillaria meleagris):

A member of the lily family, the Snakeshead fritillary has a beautiful nodding head with a chequered pink and white pattern. A native bulb, originally found in damp meadows which have a tendency to flood every winter; however it also grows happily in ordinary garden soil.

Pink or white Flowers: April – May
Height : 30cm

snakeshead fritillary
9cm pot £3.90 Buy as a pre order

Snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis):

This is the single snowdrop, found in damp woodlands. It is one of the earliest Spring bulbs and looks amazing once established where it forms small clumps of  pure white.

Perennial: Shade or part shade
White Flowers: January – March
Height : 20cm

9cm pot £2.90 Buy as a pre order

Solomons seal (Polygonatum multiflorum):

This is a lovely plant for a shady spot, with long arching stems and dangling white flowers. The plant itself adds an architectural element to a woodland garden or shaded cottage garden border.

Perennial:Shade or part shade
White Flowers: May – June
Height : 70cm

solomons seal
1 litre pot £4.90 Buy as a pre order

Star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum umbellatum):

The pretty flowers of Star of Bethlehem are simple little white stars, which are an ideal and a very attractive ground cover under trees. It is an easy wildflower to grow and the bulbs can be separated for further propagation. It grows equally well in a container as in the border and this can be the better choice, as it can be rather invasive.

Perennial:Sun or part shade
White Flowers: May – June
Height : 25cm

Star of Bethlehem
9cm pot £2.90 Buy as a pre order

Wild daffodil (Narcissus pseudonarcissus):

This wild daffodil is the UK native daffodil, traditionally found in damp open woodlands, meadows  or heath land. The wild daffodil is shorter than most garden varieties. It has pale yellow petals around a darker yellow trumpet, and the flower is actually quite delicate.

Perennial: Sun or Shade
Yellow flowers: February – March
Height: 20cm

wild daffodil




9cm pot £2.90 Buy as a pre order

Wild garlic (Allium ursinum):

Wild garlic is a lovely plant for a shady area, with beautiful star-like flowers and glossy leaves. Although it can be invasive, it looks wonderful in deciduous shade alongside bluebells and wood anemone. In a traditional woodland, the presence of wild garlic signifies that the woodland is very old. It prefers well drained soil, but not too dry.

Perennial: Shade
White Flowers: April – June
Height : 25cm

wild garlic
9cm pot £2.90 Buy as a pre order

Winter aconite (Eranthis hyemalis):

 One of our earliest flowering plants, the Winter aconite looks great planted together with snowdrops under deciduous trees. The yellow flowers from January -March bring a welcome warmth to the garden so early in the year.

Perennial: Sun or part shade
Yellow Flowers: January – March
Height : 10cm

9cm pot £2.90 Buy as a pre order

Wood anemone (Anemone nemorosa):

A pretty woodland plant which prefers damp soil and light shade, so it is suited to hedgerows and areas, under deciduous shrubs and trees, where it will spread happily.

White Flowers: March – May
Height : 15cm

9cm pot £2.90 Buy as a pre order

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