Wild bird feeders

Adding a wild bird feeder to your wildflower garden is another opportunity to develop garden wildlife habitats and we have selected a small contemporary range of bird feeders to complement our wildflower range. Furthermore, the feeders are an attractive addition to any area, and are sure to add a touch of colour to a corner of your garden especially on a cold winters day; not to mention bringing your garden to life all year round with the bird life attracted.

Why not add one to your wildlife area and to your wildflower order. Standard delivery charges apply.

Bring more wildlife to your world with one of our super Supa bird feeders  detailed below:

Hamilton Peanut Wild Bird feeder – £8.00 each

The Supa Hamilton is a contemporary wild bird peanut feeder.
This is a functional and sturdy yet good looking house shaped design with a metal body and roof. There is a choice of 3 colours for the contrasting roof which also protects the contents from the weather and is easily removed for cleaning. The metal mesh on 2 sides gives easy access to the food, whereas the windows are a sturdy plastic. Furthermore, small birds can land on the extended floor perch which provides an efficient feeding platform.
The Hamilton is an deal gift for a nature lover.
Size: 22cm height x 15cm width x 11cm depth.

Hamilton peanut feeder green

Hamilton peanut feeder orange

Hamilton peanut feeder red








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Sutherland Seed Wild bird feeder – £8.00 each

The Supa Sutherland is also a contemporary bird feeder, yet specifically designed for wild bird seed.
A similar house shaped design to the Hamilton, it is available in a choice of 3 colours, which are sure to enhance any garden with their “good looks” but functional nature. Likewise, the Sutherland is an all metal design with plastic windows and sides. Furthermore, the roof protects the contents from the weather and is easy to remove for filling and cleaning . The extended floor perch provides an excellent platform and as a result small birds can easily land for seed feeding.
The Sutherland is ideal to attract a wide selection of bird life.
Size: 22cm height x 15cm width x 11cm depth.

Sutherland seed feeder green

Sutherland seed feeder orange

Sutherland seed feeder red








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Rutland Seed Wild bird feeder – £8.00 each

The Supa Rutland is a traditional tube feeder available in bright blue made from quality metal and plastic materials. This is a durable and effective design; the metal tube is very easy to clean and fill, whilst the sturdy plastic roof protects the contents. In addition, the four perches and four feeding ports will enable several birds to access the feeder at any one time providing plenty of interest within your wildlife area.
Above all this is a lovely attractive bird feeder which will suit any garden.
Size: 25.5cm height

Rutland seed feeder

Rutland seed feeder blue

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