Wildlife animals and birds: metal garden decor

Why not add to your wildlife garden with an attractive animal or bird sculpture. We have chosen a small range of Supa metal garden decor ornaments to complement both our wildflower range and your wildlife habitats. The metal ornaments are hand decorated and beautifully finished. They can be left outdoors all year round without risk of deterioration and will add interest to your garden throughout the year, especially during the winter months. Alternatively place in the conservatory, hallway or porch as an indoor ornament.

Also ideal as a gift and can be added to your wildflower order or ordered as an individual item, to delight any wildlife enthusiast. Standard delivery charges apply.

Robin – £14.00:           Blue tit – £14.00:              Kingfisher – £19.00 each:








Barn owl – £30.00:   Hedgehog – £25.00:                  Ladybird – £6.00 each: