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About us

We are Steven and Lindsay Lister, a husband and wife team and the owners of The Blooming Wild Nursery. Here we grow our wildflower range, together with a wide selection of Herbaceous perennials and Ornamental grasses, all peat free
Between us, we have a solid base in Horticulture; Steven studied at both Oaklands Horticultural College and Cannington Horticultural college, gaining Advanced certificates in Amenity Horticulture, whilst Lindsay studied at Bath university achieving a BSc Hons in Horticulture.
We then joined Notcutts Garden centres in Supervisory roles before moving into our separate career paths. Steven followed a Sales and Marketing route within the Horticultural world, whereas Lindsay worked in Research and Development most notably within the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH).
Moving swiftly on, to several years later and the valuable career experiences gained across the years has brought us to the challenge and love of running our own nursery which has always been a long term plan. It is interesting times, environmentally but we firmly believe that wildflowers have a place in every garden however large or small.
They can be planted as a standalone wildflower area, or why not blend with Herbaceous perennials and Ornamental grasses. This helps attract wildlife to the garden throughout the seasons, creating habitats and increasing the biodiversity within your outdoor space.  If you are considering planting an area of your garden then do get in touch, by email or phone we are always happy to discuss your plans whatever your potential project may be.

Our wildflower ethos

  • We grow Native wildflowers in peat free compost from UK sourced seed.
  • The majority of our seed we use to propagate our plants is hand harvested from our own stock plants. Otherwise if we need additional supplies, we source from registered UK seed suppliers.
  • All of our propagating is manual from seed sowing to transplanting to potting so we check each individual plant we grow.
  • Sometimes we cannot propagate from seed, so when we do need to buy small plants, bulbs or bare root stock, everything is sourced within the UK and then grown on peat free.
  • We use propagating polytunnels to start our seeds and seedlings, although we not use heat in our tunnels to speed growth. The plants are moved outside once they are developed to continue growing in our natural environment.
  • If there is a need to feed any plants later in the growing season we ensure we use a balanced organic seaweed extract plant food.
  • For pest control, we find the biodiversity of our environment is the best solution. If however we do have an outbreak of pests we use an organic, non chemical spray, to be safe to the plants, the environment and the food chain.


Contact us :

  • To discuss your plans.
  • If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for – we may have it or we may be able to suggest an alternative.
  • For advice on stock availability and bespoke quotations for  your project.
  • For advance orders, if time allows, we can propagate from seed, to supply peat free wildflower plants, & supply perennials and grasses to complement your project.
  • Our nursery is open to the public March – October, from Wednesday – Saturday. However online wildflower order collections can be made all year round. Just contact us and we will be happy to arrange.
  • Our address is  PlantWild, The Blooming Wild Nursery, Cabbage Lane, Horsington, Templecombe, BA8 0DA