Links and projects

We supply our wildflower plants to a whole range of amazing people, groups and charities from around the UK, all of whom do fantastic work supporting the countryside and helping to protect and enhance the wildlife of our world.

Some of those we have been proud to work with in 2018 are detailed below:


The Wildlife Trust
The Wildlife Trust has many interesting reserves to visit across the whole of the UK. The Community volunteers at the Wildlife Trust in Wales have been busy planting our meadow collection plugs. There are also many wildlife events organised through the year- why not check out your local wildlife trust.

Sutton Nature
Helping wildlife on Sutton’s doorstep, Sutton Nature is the home of the Sutton Nature Conservation Volunteers. They have been partnering with Sutton’s Biodiversity Team helping to improve over 20 sites (mainly on chalk) all over the Borough for 30 years.

The RSPCA, is the largest animal welfare charity in the UK. At the Sheffield branch we have been helping to create a memorial garden at the RSPCA.

Little Aston Recreation Association
One of the many aims of the recreation association is to encourage and support wildlife. Creating and improving wildlife habitats within their facilities, is an on going project, and we have really enjoyed working with the committee, supplying wildflower plants to enhance their planting schemes.

Tunstall TIGER
Tunstall village in Northumberland are in the process of an amazing Island and Garden Environmental Restoration scheme which aims to create a wildlife habitat and sensory garden. We have been very pleased to help create their woodland area!

nstall TIGER @TunstallTiger Apr 21

Loving the selection of wild plants available . Looking forward to the plants arriving and transforming our woodland area! Many thanks for your help Lindsay.

Also to mention some of our friends who have helped us along the way:

Field of Vision
Tim and Katya are our web designers and all round great people

Meadow in my garden
Paul and Lesley are friends that go back along way! They sell seed mixes to transform any space, even a mini meadow can be created. Like ourselves, Paul and Lesley care about our world and our wildlife, and will also help with creating wildlife habitats.

New Lodge Farm
Our friends Simon and Sarah who own NewLodge Farm;  farm shop, cafe and caravan site. Well worth a visit.

The Cottage Herbery
Kim and Rob grow fantastic herb plants

Humber Woodland of Remembrance
Green burials where wildflowers can be planted on graves. Run by Diane Thomas

Plant fairs that we attend:

Rare Plant Fairs
Run a number of excellent plant fairs, some of which we attend. Unusual plants, excellent quality and expert advice

Planthunters fairs
Run a number of excellent plant fairs, some of which we attend. Unusual plants, excellent quality and expert advice

Plant Heritage Fairs
Keeping rare plants growing. Events and activities run throughout the UK. WHy not check out anything happening in your area.

Just a few of the many charities or organisations that we know:

A national charity for the protection of native flora. get involved with the annual Wild Flower Count

The Big Hereford Seed Swap
An annual public seed swap event run by some of our friends. Come along it’s great fun

Flora Locale
A national charity for the protection of native flora – great online information resource and suppliers listings

The Herefordshire Horticultural Hub
A local group of nurseries, garden specialists and related businesses

Monmouthshire Meadows Group
Membership, advice and practical support for meadow owners

The Dean Meadows Group
Meadow owners group in the Forest of Dean












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