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Birdsfoot trefoil


Birdsfoot trefoil is a very important plant in the meadow, for nectar and for caterpillar food. It is low growing with beautiful yellow flowers. The flowers  then change to orange as they mature . It is very adaptable and will grow in a range of soil types. It is an ideal wildflower to grow in a garden lawn, grassland or meadow.

Lotus corniculatus
Height : 35cm
Flowering period : May – September
This is a good source of nectar:


Other features:
The flower buds of Birdsfoot trefoil are tinged red from late spring to early autumn, which leads to its common name of “eggs & bacon”.

Wildlife attracted:
Butterflies that rely on Birdsfoot trefoil are the Dingy skipper, Wood white, Clouded yellow, Green hairstreak and Common blue.

Available to buy online or from The Blooming Wild Nursery, Somerset

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