Bloody cranesbill

bloody cranesbill
Geranium sanguineum
Sun,partial shade
Height : 30-50cm
Flowering period : May-Oct

This is a good source of nectar :

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The Bloody cranesbill has beautiful magenta-pink flowers, and is an easy to grow perennial. The Bloody cranesbill prefers an alkaline soil with sun/partial shade, and the area should be well drained. The bright blooms bring an amazing pop of colour to a woodland edge, or cottage border, especially as the flowers can be 4cm in diameter. In addition during the Autumn months, the leaves turn a dark red, adding another dimension to the garden.
Other features:
This is the county flower of Northumberland, which provides long lasting colour for any garden.
Bloody cranesbill is a wonderful nectar plant for butterflies.




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