Dog violet

dog violet
Viola riviniana
violet or white
Sun or part shade
Height : 10cm
Flowering period : April - July

This is a good source of nectar :
This is good for butterfly caterpillar food :

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The Dog violet is the most common wild violet with pretty little pansy like flowers. As it is the wild version, there is some variation in the shapes and shades of the flowers. Predominately they are purple in colour. The flowers are unscented and this little wildflower spreads readily by seed. It prefers challenging places like cracks in paving and gravel paths. However it does equally well at the woodland edge, in hedgerows and pastureland
Wildlife attracted:
The Dog violet is an important plant for nectar. Furthermore it is a food plant for the caterpillars of Pearl bordered fritillary, High brown fritillary, Silver washed fritillary and Dark green fritillary. All of these are threatened by habitat loss.

Dog violet plug plants may be include in our plug plant collections


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