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Wood avens


Wood avens is often found in hedgerows and woodlands. It traditionally has medicinal properties where the rhizome in particular is used which has a clove like fragrance. It has the common name of Herb Bennet, and  is an easy wildflower to grow suiting many soil conditions in part shade.

Geum urbanum
Part shade or shade
Height : 50cm
Flowering period : May – August
This is a good source of nectar : 
This is a good food plant for butterflies:


Wildlife attracted:
The yellow flowers provide nectar for insects, and Wood avens is also a food plant for the Grizzled skipper butterfly.
Other features:
The seed heads of Wood avens have hooks when ripe and so dispersal is often by small animals as well as by wind.


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1.5litre pot, 9cm pot, 6 plug plants