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Wood cranesbill


Wood cranesbill is a lovely wildflower for a woodland area, with violet-blue flowers from May-August. It prefers a somewhat damp environment and can also be found on the banks of streams, hedgerows or damp meadows. This is an easy wildflower to grow and will suit both sun and part shade. In the woodland it is best placed in open areas, or as under planting beneath shrubs. Although found throughout the UK, Wood cranesbill is most commonly found in the North, especially Cumbria, North Yorkshire and Durham.

Geranium sylvaticum
Part shade or sun
Height : 60cm
Flowering period : May – August
This is a good source of nectar : 


Other features:
Wood cranesbill forms clumps over time so it is ideal to divide in the Spring

Wildlife attracted:
The purple flowers are perfect for pollinators, especially bees.

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1litre pot, 9cm pot, 6 plug plants