Pond edge wildflower plant collection


These peat free wildflowers are suitable for planting around a garden pond, in a bog garden or stream edge to help attract bees, butterflies and other wildlife to the garden. They generally prefer sun or dappled shade. The wildflowers included are all perennials so will continue to grow year after year. Not all will be evergreens, so they may die back over winter, but will reappear the following Spring and Summer.
  • The 6 x 9cm pot plant collection will contain a selection of 6 species  chosen by us from the following list with 1 x plant of each.
  • Purple loosestrife, Cuckoo flower, Marsh marigold, Common fleabane, Monkey flower, Devils bit scabious, Meadow buttercup, Sneezewort, Meadowsweet, Square stalked St Johns wort.
  • Other species may be included depending on availability.
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Our Wildflower pond edge collection is a selection of 6 plants for those customers who wish to plant wildflowers around a garden pond, bog garden or stream edge. Ideal to help attract bees, butterflies and other wildlife to the Wildflower pond in your garden.
As a collection, there will be 6 species from the list given, with 1 x 9cm pot of each.  Regular watering is advised if possible until they are established, but is not essential depending on the weather and location.

If you prefer to choose your own species and numbers of wildflowers, you can also order from the plant sections of this website.


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6 x 9cm pots

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