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Tortoise edible wildflower plant collection


These flowers are safely edible for a Tortoise to forage and suitable to plant in a small area of a garden whilst also attracting bees, butterflies and other insect pollinators too. These plants require either sun or part shade. The wildflowers included are all perennials so will continue to grow year after year. Not all will be evergreens, so they may die back over winter, but will reappear the following Spring and Summer.
  • The Tortoise edible plant collection will contain a selection of 10 species chosen by us from the following list with 1 x 9cm pot  of each:
  • Common Knapweed, Greater knapweed, Red clover, Field scabious, Evening primrose, Musk mallow, Ribwort plantain, Nettle leaved bellflower, Teasel, Salad burnet,  Meadow cranesbill, Rough hawkbit, Black medick, Devils bit scabious.
  • This collection is available online only.
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Our Tortoise friendly collection is a mix of 10 wildflowers to plant in the garden for a Tortoise to forage safely. Growing your own wildflowers is a great way to provide a safe and healthy diet for your Tortoise whilst supporting the local wildlife too.

The Tortoise edible collection includes a range of wildflowers to provide a varied low protein, high fibre diet. It is ideal for the herbivore Tortoise such as the Hermann’s, Horsfield, Spur-thighed, Marginated, Sulcata and Leopard Tortoises which all feed on plants and leaves.

As a collection, there are 10 species from the list given, with 1 wildflower of each.

Our native UK wildflowers, are grown at the Plant Wild nursery in peat free compost. We propagate our wildflowers using seeds harvested from our own plants or from regulated suppliers sourced in the UK. You can be sure our plants are free from neonicotinoids therefore safe to grow for your Tortoise to forage, as we work with nature and are aware of environmental sustainability. We allow the natural biodiversity of the nursery and our rural surroundings to balance pest control within our ecosystem and only when absolutely necessary, do we use targeted organic pest control.

A Tortoise edible collection can be planted at any time, providing the ground is not waterlogged or frozen and if regular watering can be maintained to help the plants establish. If purchasing during your Tortoise’s hibernation, the  plants can also be potted on, to plant out in the Spring ready for early foraging.

These plants are also ideal to attract a range of bees, butterflies and other insect pollinators to the garden. This collection is available online only.

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27 plugs, 10 x 9cm pots

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