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PlantWild Wildflowers

Our nursery is based in Somerset where we grow British native wildflowers in peat free compost.
Planting wildflowers in your outdoor space will attract bees, butterflies, and a variety of wildlife throughout the seasons.
Our native wildflowers are ideal for any gardener, for schools, landscapers, conservationists, or community groups. Our plants are available in 9cm pots, 1litre pots or as themed plant collections.
Buy your plants online or direct from the nursery
Bring more wildlife to your world.


Wildflowers for different soil types

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Wildflowers generally prefer a soil that has low fertility. Therefore they are great to plant in areas that may not have been cultivated for some while. If the soil has…

Wildflowers for containers

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                Seeing wildflowers in fields, woodlands or meadows in nature is a joyful experience with the open expanse, and nature's palette of colours.…


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