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Nassella tenuissima


Nassella tenuissima
Mexican feather grass
Semi evergreen
Native to the UK: No
Flowers: May – August
Aspect: in full sun/ part shade
Soil preference: any soil type, dry & well drained
Height: 60cm
Spread: 50cm

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Nassella tenuissima  is a semi evergreen grass with narrow bright green leaves. It is commonly called ‘Pony tails’ due to it’s feathery green – white panicles, from May – September which fade to a buff through the summer. It is ideal at the front of a border, where is will provide lovely structure and form all year round. Ideal when planted with other grasses, and also blends well with perennial flowering plants or shrubs. Also perfect as a focal point in a container.
Growing advice:
It is semi evergreen so may lose some leaves through the winter. Therefore comb through the plants in the Spring wearing gloves to remove any dead foliage.
Do not allow the roots to become waterlogged, as it will grow happily in dry conditions.

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