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Sea Buckthorn


The Sea buckthorn plant is an interesting deciduous shrub, and although it is not related to the true Buckthorns ( Common and Alder), it is still good for attracting wildlife. There are both male and female plants and it is only the females which carry the Orange berries in the Autumn. At the  moment our small plants are too young to tell which is male or female as they are only 3 years old, whereas berry production may take 5/6 years! However this shrub has other good features as the silvery leaves are attractive and the shrub is very hardy so can be used as part of a hedge. Beware as it does have thorny branches. In the wild Sea buckthorn is found in coastal habitats or along roadsides.

Hippophae rhamnoides
Perennial shrub:deciduous
Height : 3m
Flowering period: March – April
Berries: orange on female plants


Wildlife attracted:
The fruits of the Sea buckthorn are attractive to birds especially field fares and thrushes whereas the leaves provide a larval food source for some moths and butterflies.
Other features:
The berries have culinary applications both as the fruit and as the juice, whereas they also have medicinal properties too.

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